Saturday, October 3, 2009

❤ Vanessa Package!

Hi Everyone!

Ahhh I'm so excited I recently purchase some stuff from Vanessa Blog sale & it arrived about 3 days ago!
She's so sweet :) She included such lovely gifts! Thank Heaps Van!

Check out Vanessa blog here:

Here's what I got:

I'm loving the coastal scent powder brush atm!



Closet Full of Nothing said...

That's gotta be the best feeling.. receiving things in the mail! have you tried the heated lash curler? does it work?

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Recieving stuff in the mail is always fun!
"Peach" by Savvy must be a very popular eyeshadow because when i got mine it was the second last one there! I can't blame anyone, the colour is a gorgeous hilight!
I reccomend that if you ever see it at Priceline that you snatch up two :)

annieo said...

Hello Twee!
My hair is natural but it doesn't grow very fast - I just never cut it, I love it long but the downside is that it's so unhealthy :( hahaha your hair looks like its already long and luscious miss!

And nice purchases from the blog sale, I really want some coastal scents and e.l.f brushes too. I wish they sold them locally in Aus!

P.S yes you should do fashion haul entries!! i likey the two bags in your last entry ;)

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

lol thats crazy the exact same colours :)
Well they are the only "stand-out" colours.