Wednesday, November 23, 2011

❤ Twee's Back & Sneak Peak?

Hello to all my lovely followers,
How are we all? :D Yes I'm still alive and breathing lol.
I'm extremely sorry for being MIA without any notice, well I'm back!

Argh I need to get used to blogging again, I feel like a total amateur lol :(
Well I hope everyone is as excited as I am and hopefully I can win all my followers back and more.❤

I shall leave you with this Sneak Peak! stay tuned!

Much Love Twee xox

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

❤Lashes, Contact Lenses & Cute nail!

Hey ladies,
This is not another haul update LOL thank god!
Everyone must be sick of reading about my boring hauls ^_^
But don't worry there's more to come soon haha. <3>

Anyway I wanna share with you girls this fabulous falsie I'm currently in love with, 'RHIANNA LASHES' By glameyes manicare :)

Some other random stuff!
So I recently stopped wearing my colours contacts lenses, Due to hay fever :(
My eyes gets really itchy and red and I always tend to rub them!
The other day I decided to check my lenses, and to my surprise they had all dried up?
I try adding some new solution but that didn't work, So I ended up throwing them all away!
Does any of you girls wear colour lenses? If so how do we stop them from drying up?

Lastly: This is my nail today :)
I did it myself & design it myself.
I'll be posting this tutorial up soon for you nails lover, so be sure to check back! ^_^

PS: Sorry for the peeps who's still waiting on review, request & tags!
I'll try and do them soon =)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

❤ BeneFit Haul!

Hey Loves,
I went shopping with one of my girlfriend today & She was telling me how much she loves Napoleon Perdis cosmetics, I'm not a big fan of NP to be honest but I still browse around with her anyway. NP was located right infront of Myer so, we decided to go check out the Myer sales but instead I manage to walk right up to the Benefit stand haha. >.<"

Here's what I got:
-Firmology Toning & Smoothing Serum $54
-Some Kind A Gorgeous Foundation Faker $49
-Powderflage Powder Concealer $49
-Eyecon Brightening Eye Cream $53
-Erase Paste Brightening Camouflage $46

I haven't had the chance to try any of them out yet, But I'll be definitely doing reviews on them once I do :)