Tuesday, August 25, 2009

❤ Nail tutorial (Donuts & Cream)

Hey Everyone,
This is the Donuts & Ice cream tutorial I mention about in my Upcoming Post on the sidebar.
I hope the photos are good enough, Because my camera ran out of batteries, so i took photos using my phone instead!
What you'll need:
-You can use anything similar!
-Products i used are also listed below!
-Nail Tips (Natural Full)
-Gold Nail Polish (THEFACESHOP GL111)
-Dark Brown Polish (REVLON Double Truffle)
-Nail Enamel/Topcoat (BEAUTYSTYLE Cabo Clear)
-Nail Glue (MANICARE quick dry)
-Acrylic donuts & Ice cream (about 10-15 pieces)

Step 1:

-Paint a curvy gold tip with the gold nail polish. (Leave to dry for 3 mins)
(Tip: Do about 2 layers so the gold would stand out more)
Step 2:
-Now use the dark brown polish to dab the polka dots on.
(Tip: Only paint 3-5 dots depending on nail size, it's easier to use the nail polish brush to apply the dots)
Step 3:
-After the polka dots has dry completely!
-Apply the nail enamel all over the nail, to add shine and to protect the polish.
Step 4:
-Apply nail glue & add your acrylic donuts/ice cream pieces.
(Tip: Make sure the nail polish is completely dry before applying the acrylic pieces!)
Finish look:


Anonymous said...

wow that is so awesome, which I was patient and good enough to do my own nails! I can't even paint my nails let alone decorate them heehee...

BTW Thanks for your sweet comment =)

❤ »Twee. said...

Hehe it's not that hard :)
Just take your time and you'll be fine.

Thank for commenting ^_^

Leese said...

LMFAO. omg i was looking at the manican hang, and i was like " why her hand looks soo fake and plastic?" and then i realized that its the manican's hand , not yours! lol

i like the post tho. hehe

❤ »Twee. said...

Lol Leese, that's funny ^_^
How'd you know it was a manican hand? =)

Haarlz. said...

Where can you get the donuts and stuff?