Tuesday, October 13, 2009

❤ Love from Ledy!

Hey Loves,
First off I had my swine flu vaccine injection yesterday!
It didn't hurt at all but my arm feels kinda sore now! :(

Okie I had my first ever swap recently with Ledy!
Ahhh she's one of the sweetest friend ever , she's the first person I met on here and I'm so glad I did! ^_^

If you guys don't know her yet I recommend you go check out her Youtube channel HERE or check out her blog HERE Ledy does fantastic makeup tutorial & she has a great sense of fashion! ^_^
We decided to do a swap because I was reading Ledy's blog and I was really interested in the Sue Devitt Foundation and pressed powder she was using. So I emailed Ledy to ask if she could purchase them for me cause I couldn't find any sue devitt here and if she could also get hold of the too faced Queen for a day sets for me, She kindly agreed then we both agreed on doing a swap aswell

Here's what I got in my package :)
(sooo much? I Know! it's like an early Christmas pressie!) Haha ^_^

You can purchase the Sue Devitt at Ulta
-Triple C-Weed Pressed Powder US$28.00
-Triple C-Weed Whipped Foundation US$40.00

Here's What came with the 'QUEEN FOR A DAY VALUE SET' (Sephora)US$45
I think it said this set was value over $105? Correct me if I'm wrong!

This set contains:
- Eyeshadow Quad (Set Exclusive!)
- Snow Bunny Bronzer (Winter Bronze)
- Lip of Luxury Lipstick in Free Love (Pale Pink)
- Shadow Insurance (Translucent Beige)
- Mini Lash Injection Pinpoint (Black)
- Flatbuki Brush

Lastly these are the gifts Ledy included inside :)
Mostly Cute hello kitty stuff & Super nice earrings, I LOVE everything!
Ledy's is a super nice person to talk to & she's so kind hearted I'm so glad I had the chance to do my first ever swap with her. :)
We've also decided to do another swap so I'll post that up when it gets here!

Thanks Love



mikelle said...

Hello my friend, thank you very much for the visit :)

LOLanne said...

whoaaa crazy swap :PP

VanityMakeup said...

Woo! Another australian beauty blogger.
I'll follow you. ^^

Ledy is such a great girl!
Awesome things!

PRINCESS said...

omg i love hello kitty!! :-) thanks for following!

Fafibaby12 said...

Aww girl you are gorgeous! your blonde hair suits you...i never knew what you looked like! ahaha ;] And yay! i need to update my blog too! gahhh and i love our swapping ideas:]

Love, Sweetcheeks said...

your swap is awesome..totally lots of adorable goodies.

Lorien BeautyLove said...

So envious of the Too Faced set you received!!!