Tuesday, October 27, 2009

❤Lashes, Contact Lenses & Cute nail!

Hey ladies,
This is not another haul update LOL thank god!
Everyone must be sick of reading about my boring hauls ^_^
But don't worry there's more to come soon haha. <3>

Anyway I wanna share with you girls this fabulous falsie I'm currently in love with, 'RHIANNA LASHES' By glameyes manicare :)

Some other random stuff!
So I recently stopped wearing my colours contacts lenses, Due to hay fever :(
My eyes gets really itchy and red and I always tend to rub them!
The other day I decided to check my lenses, and to my surprise they had all dried up?
I try adding some new solution but that didn't work, So I ended up throwing them all away!
Does any of you girls wear colour lenses? If so how do we stop them from drying up?

Lastly: This is my nail today :)
I did it myself & design it myself.
I'll be posting this tutorial up soon for you nails lover, so be sure to check back! ^_^

PS: Sorry for the peeps who's still waiting on review, request & tags!
I'll try and do them soon =)


Rina said...

My first comment post EVER! XD~

anywayz..I wear color contact lenses..but somehow i dont have the problem of drying up..did you leave (sink) them in the solution? Did the solution fully cover the lense?

How long did you leave it for? Cuz If I know i am not going to use them for a while i will change the solution once every two weeks..(I read it somewhere online says that by doing this, it will keep the lense clean..)

YOUR NAIL IS SO PRETTY! ..! I love them~~~But i dont have the patient to do it....sigh..=.=..

OHOHOH~~i am in australia too~melbourne~...I saw too faced stuff in your other post..TAT..i wanna buy from US too..Too faced product here are SOOO expensive and so little choice..><...So do M.A.C stuff..

SOrry for such a Longass comment..just have so many things to say lol~

❤ »Twee. said...


Yup I sink them in solution,
However I change the solution only when I start wearing them again, Maybe that's why they're drying up?

Gah I love TOO FACED cosmetics but they're so expensive here in AUS :(

Do you have a KITS COSMETICS in MELB? Because I purchase some of my TOO FACED stuff there sometime.

I hope you make a blog soon, I really wanna check it out ^_^

amynaree said...

I love your nails! how long do they usually last before falling apart?

I have problems with dry contacts too but I just carry some eye drops with me and just lubricate them constantly! hehe

Aralka said...

amazing nails!

e.motion in motion said...

Hey beautiful (; THanks so much for the comment! I use circle lenses too but I have never had any problems with them drying up, even when I don't use them for a long time :/ And your nails are soo awesome! I really wanna learn how to do that! :D But I think I'll have to buy the premade kind since I'm not good at doing my right hand with my left ><

LOLanne said...

hmmm i used to wear coloured contacts a lot buuut never experienced them drying up. i usually just store them in their case with contact lens solution anddd that keeps them nice and hydrated :)

ahhh can't wait for your nail tut! 3d nails are soooo cute... too bad i work in a pretty conservative office environment sooo i can never wear them! (we interact with clients all day :(


i looove your haul posts! theyre not boring! :P

Gaby said...

Your nails are absolutely cute! You are very creative!

Rin said...

Cute nails!

I've never had a problem with contact lenses drying out. I leave them soaked in solution in a case. Check to see if your solution has gone off or something. Maybe it's past it's expiration date.

I'm a fellow aussie!

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Wow!1 Those lashes look awesome.. Might go check out priceline :) Fingers crossed they have them stocked!! x

annieo said...

WOWWWWWWW you did such a good job on your nails! please post tutorial soon soon soon! hehehehehe

JustJenny said...

the nails are super cute!

JustJenny said...

the nails are super super cute

Thu Hien Nguyen said...

Wooooow that's so beautiful! Really cute, love it!

- xox Thu Hien -

Geeky Mac Boy said...

Hey thank you for leaving that nice comment about my sick friend. That was very nice of you.

Hauls are never boring btw. Oh and those nails look so cute!! =)

Karen said...

You're so talented with your nails! I gotta watch that upcoming tutorial of yours :)
I don't wear coloured contacts but I do wear regular prescription contacts (same thing). I know you said you sink the contacts in solution...just make sure you change your solution that you sink them in each time you wear your lenses. Other than that I have no idea why they're drying out. Maybe you're wearing them beyond the recommended usage (like are they weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)? Anyways, I hope your contacts lasted long enough to get your money's worth!

geli-pet said...

wow~! those are crazy nails... i want mine done with studs too :D

-mztoots- said...

GAHHH what a waste!! you had to throw out 4 pairs of lenses? =(

Anyway cant wait to see your tutorial on those nails! hehe so cute!

Where do you get all the stuff you stick on it?? i want to get some but i want to get everything from the same place. Where do you get yours?

Toothfairy said...

super cute nails! great job..


wuzzyangel said...

Hi Twee! Right now you can get ROHTO Eyedrops at Imomoko.com I believe she ships internationally. And she's having a 10% off code right now. HALLOWEEN09

*~kAy~* said...

sorry to hear about your lenses :(
my other ones dried up and I just threw them away.. thought it might be time to throw anyway :P so I didn't bother to revive it..
I'm using clear care now and the lense case is different.. haven't experienced drying with these though ;)

Love your nails! :) I can't wait to see your tutorial!

Sarah said...

Omg I have the exact same contact lens containers you have and I had the SAME problem so I decided to switch containers and no longer have that problem!!! I think maybe its the dodgy containers!!
Your nails are gorgeous- they must have taken you foreverrrr!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Twee, with the lenses i think you gotta change the solution like every few weeks even if you do not wear them.
I wear daily disposable & the monthly/yearly ones. I change the solution every 2-3 weeks for my monthly/yearly, my optician recommended this to me.

And I love your nails! they are so so cute!

mikelle said...

have a wonderful day :)

l i f e said...

i think elf is having a sale on their website ! maybe you can get some cool items =) i was wondering where you got your color lenses from. is it from the pretty & cute site? because i really want some !

Glamour Diaries said...

What are you talking about, I love HAULS! Keep em coming :)

Those nails are insane!! Great job!!

I don't wear colored contracts but I do wear focus dailies and they dry up easily throughout the day. It just happens with stupid contacts I guess, maybe talk to the optometrist, see what they say? I'll have to do that myself b/c its annoying. Eye drops don't always cut it.

Megan said...

Lovely blog.. I nominate you for this blogger award.



I'd love to see those lashes when applied :)

audrey said...

i'm in love with these nail art, so pretty^^

Victoria said...

Wow.. those nails are immense!! xx

Contact Lenses said...
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Agou said...

ive been looking at alot of the cabochon/decoden pieces.. how many mm or cm in size should they be to fit on your nails? im scared i might buy a bigger size then i really need :( btw im absolutely in love with your nails. oh and i was also wondering whats the best website to purchase prescribed circle lenses? :) thanks so much girly

Contact Lenses said...
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Donna ♥ Baby said...

ahh! can't wait for your nail tutorial ive always wanted to do that!